Friday, January 2, 2009

Challenging Gymnastics puzzle

Sorry an edit to the post about the crossword puzzle. I couldn't get the puzzle loaded onto this post, so here are the clues to the crossword. No blocks to help! In parenthesis are the number of letters in the word.  You highlight with your mouse over the parenthesis because the number is written in white (for those who want to be challenged I won't reveal the answer right away)!  The first one to submit a comment with their answers.  (And the answers are right) wins something... I haven't decided yet!  Suggestions are welcome!  (Prize needs to be within reason) :)

Enjoy! ~Gymmie
*Things to note: Capitalization isn't used when talking about names & no spaces are used in between the answer words*
2. The "worst" thing that could happen to a bars specialist (3)
4. What Alicia Sacramone said during an interview that she did to someone, also term sort of like jumping but gymnasts don't bend their knees & they get more power (5)
7. Levels 1-6 perform these types of routines (12)
8. A jump with half turn and switch leap (8)
9. Gymnasts do tricks into it when training because chances of injury are reduced (3)
10. Uneven or high bar skill in which gymnast does front salto release to catch the bar (6)
13. winner of most gold medals at this year's Olympics (5)
14. available with no or long sleeves (7)
16. In women's artistic it is vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise (12)
17. Most popular type of vault seen in the 2004-08 quad (9)
18. synonymous with clear hip (7)

19. Skill in men's gymnastics, hint Fe (9)
1. Beam mount named after a gymnast from the same gym that Ivana Hong competed for during 2004-08 quad (6)
2. Standing on high toe (
3. Mechanism gymnasts use to get more power out of front handspring vaults or forward tumbling skills (
5. Gymnasts who aren't flexible may consider this their nemesis (
6. Nastia Liukin was the first American woman to do this in competition (
11. In this competition, men competed two more routines than the women do (
12. also known as triple pirouette on beam (
15. What's "falling down in London", also tests gymnasts' shoulder flexibility (
20. The "official" book of gymnastics (12)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Up and Coming Gymnast of the Week: MORGAN STEIGERWALT!!!

Hi everyone,
  Here is our first post for our special section on gymnast of the week!  Congratulations to Morgan Steigerwalt for being our first gymnast selected :)!!!  Most of the information is courtesy of her official website  Everyone should check the website out if you want more information on this amazing up-and-coming gymnast!!!

Here is her bio information:
Level- Junior National Elite
Club- Parkettes in Allentown, PA
Age- 15
Favorite event- beam

We better get to know her name because she was the US Challenge AA Champion last year!!!  She also won vault and beam and placed second on bars!!!

Here is a video (I hope...) of her on her favorite event beam at the PKI last year where she placed third.  Great Job!!!

I love her switch leap, back tuck combo at the beginning.  Her switch side leap and front tuck are SO solid!  What a great dismount to end this routine with!

She lists her goals as making a US national Championship and a world team and getting a college scholarship.  Good luck to Morgan, you can DO it!!!

Thanks everyone for checking out this first post in the series and let me know how I can improve or what you liked :)!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Getting a REALLY good toe point

Everyone knows that toe point is a huge part of making every routine look pretty.  One skill with floppy feet can totally ruin an otherwise eye pleasing routine.  Just like EVERYTHING in gymnastics you have to work to get a really pretty toe point.  Here are some stretches I found that have worked well and others that I am certainly going to try!

Spell the alphabet out with each foot, one at a time is easier so that you can easily concentrate on one foot and really make the letters big!

Kneel with your bottom on your heels, one option is to lift both knees at the same time or you can do one knee at a time (you also might want to put your hands on the ground to stabilize yourself), make sure you're resting on your toes a bit, you'll feel the stretch along the top of your ankle and foot.

Sit in the same position as above, lean back so that your knees are coming off the ground and your chest is touching your thighs (to get even more of a stretch lower your knees and curl your toes more), push the tops of your feet as far forward as you can, you'll feel the stretch in the top of your foot and ankle and again. :)

Sit in a pike position with your feet flexed and firmly touching the wall, keep your legs straight and arms behind you, with your ankles/feet push off the wall into a toe point position, your entire body should be moved away from the wall.  It seems to me that this stretch is like working on jumping through to toe point in slow motion so that you get more of a stretch and no joint pressure because of the jumps' landings.

Let me know how these go and what you think and if you have any more toe point stretches or exercises that work well too! :)


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Weekly Special

I was thinking of something fun that could become a weekly tradition here on the We Love Gymnastics blog.  I came up with profiling a "lesser" known gymnast each week.  I don't mean lesser in any mean way just saying that they aren't as prominent in the gymnastics community as Shawn Johnson or Nastia Liukin.  The post will probably appear most often on Sundays (right before I go to practice) and happen every week.  I will research a particular gymnast and give bio information, hopefully some pictures and what would be even cooler is videos of some kind!

What do you bloggers think?  Sound like an idea?  I really hope I am not copying another blog!  If I am the idea is of course totally out of the question!

Thanks for readin'
Gymmie :)


Hi everyone!
  Sorry about the lack of pictures... I can't seem to get them to show up in my posts.  I will keep at it!  I apologize!

Thanks for bloggin'

Yay!!! Gymnastics recognized by Sport's Illustrated

It's so exciting!  Despite its amazingness, gymnastics rarely gets media attention in years other than an Olympic one so it is great that Shawn and Nastia especially are continually forcing the media to take a look at what crazy stuff we are doing!!!  

The USA gymnastics website reports that Nastia and Shawn are a part of Sport's Illustrated "best photos of 2008" Check out numbers 15, 40 and 44.  I love Nastia in 15!!!!  Holy moly!  With the audience in the background the perspective is sooooo cool!  

Sam Peszek training at Sharps

I know that this is kind of "old" news, but what does everyone think about this? 

I think this will be a good fit for her.  I know that people were talking about how great of a match Chows would be for Sam.  I definitely agree her style is very similar to Shawn's, but Sam always tells us of how enjoyable her life is outside of gymnastics.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that if Sam went to Chow's she would have to relocate and leave her school and friends???  This would not do good things for Sam.  

Also, I always think it is a great idea to get a coach who has a different style from you so that way the gymnast can work to combine the two types of gymnastics to make herself an even better gymnast!  I absolutely LOVE Bridget Sloan's technical gymnastics (I was so proud of her at the Olympics and rooted for her all the way :))!  I hope that Sam can add some of this technical preciseness to her already amazingly powerful gymnastics.

I wonder how Bridget is doing at the gym now that she has another elite training partner?  I know Coach Sharp says in this article ( that "the arrangement is working well" but I would really like to know how Bridget is feeling now that she isn't the only "star" at the gym and Coach Sharp has to split his time between the two champions!:)  

Can't wait to see how this works out for everyone involved in the meets to come...  Let me know what you think... Good or not so much?  See Sam at a different gym?