Friday, December 26, 2008

Getting a REALLY good toe point

Everyone knows that toe point is a huge part of making every routine look pretty.  One skill with floppy feet can totally ruin an otherwise eye pleasing routine.  Just like EVERYTHING in gymnastics you have to work to get a really pretty toe point.  Here are some stretches I found that have worked well and others that I am certainly going to try!

Spell the alphabet out with each foot, one at a time is easier so that you can easily concentrate on one foot and really make the letters big!

Kneel with your bottom on your heels, one option is to lift both knees at the same time or you can do one knee at a time (you also might want to put your hands on the ground to stabilize yourself), make sure you're resting on your toes a bit, you'll feel the stretch along the top of your ankle and foot.

Sit in the same position as above, lean back so that your knees are coming off the ground and your chest is touching your thighs (to get even more of a stretch lower your knees and curl your toes more), push the tops of your feet as far forward as you can, you'll feel the stretch in the top of your foot and ankle and again. :)

Sit in a pike position with your feet flexed and firmly touching the wall, keep your legs straight and arms behind you, with your ankles/feet push off the wall into a toe point position, your entire body should be moved away from the wall.  It seems to me that this stretch is like working on jumping through to toe point in slow motion so that you get more of a stretch and no joint pressure because of the jumps' landings.

Let me know how these go and what you think and if you have any more toe point stretches or exercises that work well too! :)


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  1. I just tried pointing my toes as much as I could and that worked for me.