Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sam Peszek training at Sharps

I know that this is kind of "old" news, but what does everyone think about this? 

I think this will be a good fit for her.  I know that people were talking about how great of a match Chows would be for Sam.  I definitely agree her style is very similar to Shawn's, but Sam always tells us of how enjoyable her life is outside of gymnastics.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that if Sam went to Chow's she would have to relocate and leave her school and friends???  This would not do good things for Sam.  

Also, I always think it is a great idea to get a coach who has a different style from you so that way the gymnast can work to combine the two types of gymnastics to make herself an even better gymnast!  I absolutely LOVE Bridget Sloan's technical gymnastics (I was so proud of her at the Olympics and rooted for her all the way :))!  I hope that Sam can add some of this technical preciseness to her already amazingly powerful gymnastics.

I wonder how Bridget is doing at the gym now that she has another elite training partner?  I know Coach Sharp says in this article ( that "the arrangement is working well" but I would really like to know how Bridget is feeling now that she isn't the only "star" at the gym and Coach Sharp has to split his time between the two champions!:)  

Can't wait to see how this works out for everyone involved in the meets to come...  Let me know what you think... Good or not so much?  See Sam at a different gym?

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