Thursday, December 25, 2008

A gymnast's wish list

1. Confidence to perform a gorgeous beam routine with absolutely no wobbles or falls (of course!)
2. Find some special glue that will make your feet sticky so you'll have no problem sticking your vault
3. Never have a grip fail at exactly the wrong time (ex. rip the night before state championship... everyone knows what that feeling feels like... yuk!)
4. Feel no pain in beautiful oversplits that rival rhythmic gymnasts
5. Have no problem adding that extra twist to their most despised tumbling pass
6. Move closer to the gym so the commute is shorter back and forth... or while we are at it let's just move into the gym!
7. Figure out how He Kexin does her amazing release comb on bars, and then added it into your own bar routine. (Whoa... won't that will show last year's state champion on bars what you are truly made of!)
8. A leotard that... makes your team stand out from all the others, shows what you're really made of, and most importantly doesn't give you wedgies!!!
9. Learn how to multi-task even better than you already know how to now.  Eventually you will be doing your history homework while doing vault runway sprints... Won't that be something! 
But most importantly, what we gymnasts want most for our gymnastics is to...

10. Get inside those judges heads!!!  Because they are completely unpredictable.  It would be great to know if they are in a good mood because they received a phone call from their college student son or if they are in a bad mood because there was no complimentary breakfast at the hotel so they had to settle for a banana they picked up on the car ride over :)

I hope that everyone enjoyed my first "leisure" post (meaning not news or informative of any kind :))  Thanks for reading!

Gymmie :)

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