Thursday, December 25, 2008

Weekly Special

I was thinking of something fun that could become a weekly tradition here on the We Love Gymnastics blog.  I came up with profiling a "lesser" known gymnast each week.  I don't mean lesser in any mean way just saying that they aren't as prominent in the gymnastics community as Shawn Johnson or Nastia Liukin.  The post will probably appear most often on Sundays (right before I go to practice) and happen every week.  I will research a particular gymnast and give bio information, hopefully some pictures and what would be even cooler is videos of some kind!

What do you bloggers think?  Sound like an idea?  I really hope I am not copying another blog!  If I am the idea is of course totally out of the question!

Thanks for readin'
Gymmie :)

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  1. You should talk about the juniors or some of the gymnasts from lesser-known countries.

    Anyways, I made my own blog, too. I wanted it to talk about all of the disciplines of gymnastics, not just artistic gymnastics. Here it is: